Original Paintings

Original Paintings Price ListTo see a list of original paintings and prices, go here.  You can contact me to discuss price and shipping or just send the money via paypal with a note that says which painting you want to buy.  In the gallery, there are buttons next to available originals for sale.



Fine Art AmericaTo buy prints of my paintings, you can go to my store at Fine Art America.  There are also buttons on the pictures in the gallery that allow you to go directly to a print's page on Fine Art America.


Jewelry, Etc.

EtsyTo buy jewelry, assemblages, books of poetry, and whatever else I'm selling that isn't a painting or print, you can go to my store on Etsy.  If I have a picture of it in the gallery, there will be a button linking directly to its page on Etsy.




In the gallery, there are buttons above each picture's title and description that you can click on to go directly to ordering pages for paintings, prints, jewelry, etc.